Manufacturing Engineering

Precision Manufacturing Engineering Solutions

We support product development from early-stage capacity studies and prototyping to final manufacturing and production process design. Making this possible is our next-generation machines and highly skilled team of:

  • CAD/CAM designers and programmers
  • Tool makers
  • Application and manufacturing engineers


Our manufacturing engineering solutions include:

  • Process capability studies
  • Precision machining
  • Prototyping
  • CAD/CAM programming
  • Application engineering
  • Manufacturing process design
  • Production process development



Our machining capabilities are designed to meet key industry requirements with the following offerings:

  • Three-and five-axis milling machining soft and hard materials
  • Turning
  • EDM, grinding
  • Plastic injections
  • Laser and TIG welding
  • Rectification process (three-point bending, roll forming, shot peening by ultrasonic and blasting)
  • Assembly for faster installation, torqueing, bushing, and bearing installation

Surface & Heat Treatment

Surface & Heat Treatment

Our special process engagements are carried out at two main shops with an overall footprint of approximately 8000 square metres. These are equipped to carry out:



  • Chemical cleaning on Al, Ti
  • Anodizing (SAA, HAA, CAA, TSAA, BSAA) and Alodine Passivation
  • Phosphating
  • NDT (Penetrant Testing)
  • Painting (water and solvent borne) and ink marking
  • PDV coating
  • Testing capabilities for chemical analysis
    • Titration
    • pH
    • Hydrogen determination
    • Conductivity
    • ICP
  • Blasting, vibro polishing, shot peening for surface enhancement
  • Paint stripping by media plastic
  • Carburising
  • Plasma nitriding
  • Tempering and annealing
  • Process surveillance/performance testing
    • Climate chamber
    • Salt-spray chamber
    • Paint adhesion testing

Cutting Tool Manufacturing

Cutting Tool Manufacturing

All our cutting tools and re-sharpeners come with the assurance of quality and precision. We have an advanced technology edge to produce high-quality tools for all types of operations, such as milling, drilling, reaming, etc. Further, our capabilities extend to measuring, inspection, and other critical functions such as:

  • Custom-made cutting tools for all operations
  • Manufacture and re-sharpening of carbide and HSS tools
  • Five-axis cutter grinders to tool re-sharpening
  • Self-measurement probes and 3D simulators
  • Measuring and inspection of cutting tools

Inspection & Lab

Inspection & Lab

We make sure that all our products and manufacturing processes are constantly monitored and controlled to meet our internal and customer needs. That’s why we focus on training our employees for operator qualifications and reassessment programmes. This helps us promote self- inspection deployments across departments.

Our Statistical Process Control framework goes a step further by helping us improve sampling methods and redefines key characteristics required to ensure alignment with our Quality Policy.



Our inspection process is handled with conventional equipment like:

  • Vernier caliper
  • Micrometres
  • Digital high-gage measuring equipment
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
  • Hexagon machine with PCDMIS for offline programming

We are equipped with three CMM's, and portable arms with the following key capabilities:

CMM Type Brand Measuring Lenth(X:Y:Z) mm Software Version
Fixed Hexagon 2000:5000:1500 PCDMIS CAD++ 2012
Fixed Hexagon 900:2000:800 PCDMIS CAD++ 2013
Fixed Hexagon 700:700:500 PCDMIS CAD++ 2013
Portable Hexagon 1 Meter Radial PCDMIS CAD++ 2011
OFF-line Programming dongle Hexagon N/A PCDMIS CAD++ 2012
Metallic laboratory


We are equipped to control the properties of materials, including various aluminium grades, titanium, steel and stainless steel, to meet industry benchmarks. We achieve this through monitoring that includes incoming inspections, detailed inspection during the parts manufacturing stage, and review following heat-treatment processes.

Our test capabilities include:

  • Material surface hardness with machines capable of achieving Vickers, Knop, and Rockwell A, B, C methods
  • Case-depth hardness (white layer) and microstructure analysis (including moulding)
  • Chemical analysis with spark optical emission spectrometer (OES)
  • Electrical conductivity measuring of non-ferrous material (aluminium grade/Eddy currents)
Calibration lab


Dimensional, force, torque, electrical, furnace We perform in-house calibration for equipment within our scope of processes (excluding master equipment). This may include covering dimension force, torque, electrical, and furnace.

Our calibration offering is handled by our dedicated software platform that tracks all related data and notifications. This allows recall of equipment as per the defined verification period, supported by a qualified team.